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 Game Types

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PostSubject: Game Types   Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:48 pm

Game Types

Suppression - The mission is to eliminate the other team at all cost. The team with the most people remaining at the end of the round will win or else there will be a draw.

Demolition - The objective for this type of game mode is to take the satchel and plant it on at your opposing teams base. To plant the bomb, move to the 'Target' and hold the X button when it says plant bomb.You can also defuse a bomb once the opposing team has planted it. It takes longer to plant a bomb then to defuse it, but you won't get as many opportunities to defuse the bomb since the odds will be against you. Again, the rules of suppression will apply except for the if the team outnumbers the other, that they will win.You must plant the bomb or eliminate the opposing force to win these types of games.

Convoy - Your objective as a terrorist on these types of maps is to move two convoy trucks through hostile enemy fire to a Loading Zone, load your cargo, and take it to the Drop Zone. SEALs must try to stop this convoy at any cost. The elimination of the other team can also result in a win. If the terrorists fail in moving the cargo trucks to the extraction and fail to eliminate the SEALs, they will lose.

Control Points - This is a teamwork based game mode in which you must place team markers on the highlighted targets on your compass. If any one team plants all their markers before the other, this will result in a win. Elimination of the other team, also results in a win. Game will end in a tie, if both teams are left with at least one player alive and all the Control Point Markers not deployed.

Breach - The objective is for the terrorists to infiltrate the SEAL stronghold and plant a satchel before the time runs out. If the terrorists do not plant the satchel in time, SEALs win. If either team eliminates eachother the surviving team wins. If the terrorists plant the satchel and it detonates, then the terrorists win.

Escort - The mission is for the terrorist team to escort their VIP's across the map to an extraction zone without losing two or more of the VIP's in the process. If all VIP's are eliminated, SEALs win. If either team eliminates each other, that team surviving will win. If the VIP's are extracted, the Terrorists will win.

Extraction - Quite possibly one of the hardest game modes to try and explain on Combined Assault. To try and explain this, I'll start out with the basics. At the beginning of the round, it will tell a team to try and extract three hostages and another team to defend the hostages. These variables differ by map.
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Game Types
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