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 Bonus Objectives

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PostSubject: Bonus Objectives   Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:58 pm

Winterblade- Obtain Map - Located in tent by Echo
Reprisal- Obtain Troop Intel - Near Badger
Whipsaw- Destroy Radio Relay - Destroy ALL 3 radios
Broken Chains- Destroy Cargo Transport - Sneak onto land and take it out.
Stockpile- Demo Weapons Shipment - HAve JEster Plant satchel and Heroine So you have one left.
Highwire- Demo Control Tower - West side of Sniper tower at airport.
Disruption- Destroy Troop Transport - Snipe it from charlie untill its empty then finish mission. Destroy on way to extraction.
Bombshell- Obtain Schedule - in one of the three trailors
Sea Wasp- Capture Freighter Captain - Go upstairs and use smoke and rifle butt him. Top level. WELL GAURDED
Blindside- Destroy Communications Middle entrance to tunnels. MAY BE 1 POR 2 MERCS!
Dragonfly- Destroy KA-50 Helicopter - For this mission you must have M3. If you miss at first shot Restart. You'll need the secoind one for the boat.
Stormcloud- Destroy Armor - Sneak up with rebel merc and take out.
Chokehold- Destroy Communications - Easy. Located in stadium garage near Brickwoods place.
Trailblazer- Demo Weapons Cache - MUST HAVE C4. It underground near waterway. Few mercs.
Snake Pit- Obtain All Intel Search untill you find 5/5 intel.
Frostbite- Destroy Transport - Located on Western end.
Sheperd- Destroy Enemy Armor - If you are steathy enough, Move to closet blasted out building and use turret to take them out.
Kingfisher- Destroy Escape Boat - Very easy to find on map. Lowest level. Take mercs weapon so you dont waste ammo.
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Bonus Objectives
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