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 Crosstalk Objectives

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PostSubject: Crosstalk Objectives   Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:01 pm

*Winterblade*: Neutralize enemy squad, which is over by the helicopter crash site (next to a broken down car).

*Whipsaw*: Obtain cartel intel, which I believe was in one of the buildings across the water from where you spawn.

*Broken Chains*: Obtain battle plans.

*Stockpile*: Obtain storage log.

*Bombshell*: Obtain Uranium Intel. This is in one of the 3 trailors over by the uranium processing facility. Oddly enough, in the middle trailor, inside of the cabinets, is the sausage for this level. Check all 3 trailors for the intel.

*Blindside*: Secure hostage, which is located in a house down by the temple entrance. You do this after you secure the plateu and destory the convoy.

*Dragonfly*: Destory MI-24 helicopter. Do not confuse this with the KA-50 attack helicopter. There are actually 2 helicopters to blow up on this mission, and the MI-24 will appear after you have completed 2 of the 3 primary objectives.

*Stormcloud*: Secure nightowl's sister - she is in one of the buildings in the village where you spawn. (Oppisite side of river)

*Chokehold*: Demo fuel cache. This is located on the roof of the "brickworks" building. It is across the street from the stadium - the building with the big ovens in it. Just go to the roof and plant a satchel charge.

*Sheppard*: Avoid KA-50 helicopter. Basically don't shoot the helicopter down. After you cross the big bridge, it will go away.
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Crosstalk Objectives
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